Sunday, February 16, 2014

One By One We Change a Life & Our Own

The year was 2,000 and new millennium was ushering itself in. People all over the world were building underground bunkers in preparation for the "end of the world" with the added concern as to what would happen to the computer systems. The Mayan calendar stopped at this point and all kinds of thoughts were running in people's minds about what it all meant.

I had the incredible grace in life to be with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar during this time in Italy.
The Art of Living had organized a "Millennium Course" in Tuscany and I said goodbye to 1999 and hello to 2000 meditating next to Gurudev on the beach. It's a very precious memory.

I was pretty restless during these days, anxious to make a huge impact in the world and inpatient to do so.  Walking alone with Gurudev I expressed some frustration. " Gurudev, it's all moving so slow. I don't feel like I'm accomplishing much". He quietly said, "One by One Patti. One by One."

I acknowledged his response with a yes in the mind, and asked my next question. "Who am I?
 How is it I'm so American on one hand and then dancing, in clothes from India at a Satsang (spiritual gathering)  the next moment?"

Full of peace he patiently answered, "Stay with this question. The answer will come. Like the sun, it just gives its rays whether someone takes them or not. Then you will see, you are here just to serve, expecting no results. No need for results.  Then you will say; Thy Will Be Done and you will have fulfillment.

It's 2013, and 13 years later I still return the precious wisdom again and again.
The spiritual path isn't always roses. It takes incredible conviction to make it to the top of the mountain for the view that I'm told is worth it. Alot of people stop climbing just before they reach the top in this or in many things in life.  I'm determined to make it all the way.

There are times when people try to sway me one way or the other, out of misguided love.
Yet each time I start to falter a little, I return to this precious wisdom and I find even more depth in his words and guidance and how my life has been impacted because of Sri Sri as my "life coach", for the better

Later that evening a small group of us sat at the feet of the Master as he generously poured more knowledge into our innocent hearts.  He said that there are 4 reasons to be with a Guru.

1.) You want to evolve, you want knowledge, enlightenment
2.) You are in pain in the world (mental, emotional, physical) & it's more comfortable
3.) You have a vision for the world (like Mother Theresa)
4.) You are here to make the Guru comfortable, to support his vision.

Now you probably have a question...what was my answer?
This I will keep secret, in the cave of my heart.


  1. Patti, what's the 3rd reason ?

  2. Hi Patti - thx for sharing! Just what I needed :)

  3. I have found myself asking the question many times ,only to find solace in serving people . Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  4. Wonderful..! A mini version of "Stumbling into Infinity"..